A Checkup in Self-Care – Creating Collages

A Checkup in Self-Care – Creating Collages

At the beginning of each new year I take time to sit down and contemplate what I’d like for myself in the year ahead. During this exercise I also reflect on the previous year. It’s important to reflect on what I had set my intentions on and what actually occurred. I used to be surprised my intentions were fulfilled, but then I could see what I paid attention to and where I placed my energy become a reality. This runs the gambit from my relationships, to my job, my physical body, goals I want to achieve, trips I want to take and new things I’d like to learn.

I tend to focus on how I want to feel in these areas and usually that means content, calm, healthy, passionate, energized and centered. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a laundry list of goals to attain, but when my attention is on how I want to feel, it makes things more manageable.

With this yearly tradition I have a ritual of making a vision board or a soul collage. I look at the previous year’s collages to see where I’ve been, how I’ve grown and/or what I may still want to focus on. I set up my dining room table with magazines, scissors, glue and paper. I take my time looking through the periodicals and cutting out words and images that spark something inside of me. It’s a relaxing and quiet time that I enjoy doing by myself and at times with friends.  

The finished visuals sit in my office and I look at them every day as reminder of what I’d like for myself during the year. The beautiful images and poignant l words I’ve chosen serve as a guide in my self-care journey. I see it as my yearly checkup in self-care.

Here’s to 2021!

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